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we are back now with more of "today" on a friday morning, the first day of july. boy, we have started the month off with a bang in our summer concert series. pitbull, ne-yo, t-pain, and marc anthony. you are going, you're half-way there. we'll have more music from pitbull a little bit later on. i'm matt lauer, al roker, ann curry andgu guthrie.
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>> did you guys make new year's resolutions? get healthy? work out? brush your teeth every day and you're having a problem with that -- >> who doesn't brush their teeth? >> that's not a resolution. >> i'm just saying. >> that's a requirement for good hygiene. >> whatever your resolution might be, we're going to get some advice. don't give up hope. >> and jenna wolfe has been traveling the country showing us america the beautiful. jenna bush hager. >> well jenna wolfe isn't. but jen ma buna bush hager is ar country, at glacier national park. >> she's traveling with pit-pain. it's friday. >> we need to go to the news. natalie's standing by. natalie, save us from ourselves. good morning, to you guys. the case against former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-khan may be on the verge of collapse today. nbc's jeff rossen joins us from lower manhattan with the very latest. jeff, good morning.
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>> reporter: hey, natalie, good morning to you. all along prosecutors here in manhattan, new york have said that they believed the victim in this case, that the case against dominique strauss-khan was strong, and that the evidence was piling up. but this morning what appears to be a complete reversal and has a lot of people around here talking, in that law enforcement sources now tell nbc news the entire case could be collapsing because the victim lied about her past. he's been hauled in to court, charged with sex crimes and placed under house arrest, living under armed guard inside this $50,000 a month townhouse in trendy tribeca. but if this latest twist is true, experts say dominique strauss-khan could be released from house arrest as early as today. he was one of the most powerful men in the world, head of the international monetary fund, and possible candidate for french president. until a maid in this luxury
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manhattan hotel told police strauss-khan sexually assaulted her twice in his room. but now "the new york times" reports she repeatedly lied to investigators and prosecutors don't fully believe her. >> several people who we've talked to have said the case is on the verge of collapse. >> reporter: the maid is from guinea, a source familiar with the case tells nbc news she lied on her asylum application, claiming she was raped in the past, and now admits it was all made up. according to the "times," she made have ties to drug dealing and money laundering. the paper reports within a day of her alleged assault, she spoke with an accused drug dealer and discussed the possible benefits of pursuing charges against strauss-khan. that conversation was recorded and the "times" says that man was among several people who deposited $100,000 cash in her bank account. >> the blows to her credibility
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now make her -- or may make her an untenable witness, according to many of the people we've talked to. >> reporter: the lawyer who represented the maid appeared last month here on "today." >> she has been in a whirlwind since this has taken place. is a woman who is a rape victim, the victim of a physical assault, who says this has taken place and since she reported it to security at the hotel has not had a moment of peace. >> reporter: police did find dna evidence in the hotel room and last month in court, prosecutors seemed confident. >> the proof against him is substantial. it is continuing to grow every day. >> reporter: but from the start, strauss-khan's defense team called the sex consensual. >> forensic evidence we believe will not be considered as a forcible encounter. >> reporter: a source familiar with the case tells nbc news, while the maid admits she lied about her past, she still stands behind her story about this attack, insisting strauss-khan sexually assaulted her.
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>> now this turn of events five weeks in to what looked like it was going to be an ongoing case is stunning. >> reporter: dominique strauss-khan will appear here in a manhattan courtroom behind me a little later on this morning. we're told by sources that the prosecution and the defense, both sides, have agreed to a substantial reduction in bail which means strauss-khan could now be out of his house arrest situation by lunch time today. we should mention the d.a. is saying he's not ready to fully drop the entire case yet, dismiss all the charges, but that could happen down the line. we should also mention we've reached out to the maid's attorney overnight but did not hear back. >> jeff rossen with the stunning developments again in lower manhattan, thank you. the senate has canceled its fourth of july recess to work on the nation's debt crisis. republicans reacted angrily to president obama's accusation earlier this week that congress is not working hard enough and that republicans are blocking
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progress by refusing to back tax increases. they also criticized the president for leaving washington thursday to attend fund-raising events in philadelphia. minnesota state government has shut down politically deadlocked over a $5 billion budget deficit. talks degenerated ahead of the midnight deadline as the governor demanded tax hikes on the state's wealthiest residents. top republican state lawmakers balked. and for all of you women who have ever told a man, well, you should try this in heels, well, now they have. take a look. men in madrid went for a high-heel race down the cobblestone streets of the spanish capital. they're moving along pretty quickly there. it was all followed up by a silent disco. residents in the past complained about the noise so revelers enjoyed their own private dance party with headphones. not like our party here out on the plaza. it is now six minutes past the hour. let's go back out to matt, ann and savannah. >> sometimes we say ann dances
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to the beat of her own drum so that might be fitting. thank you. where did al go? >> he's back there somewhere. >> hello. you guys you joaning the concert? we got one more song coming up. don't go away. let's check your weather. we'll show you for today, big area of high pressure dominating upper level ridge, that's pushing the jet stream way up to the north. so we've got heat warning, heat watches and advisories from minneapolis all the way down to the southwest. temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100s. risk of strong storms up through minneapolis today. that's about the only airport hub that's going to have any problems. rest of your travel is going to be great, 90s and 100s in the southern tier states, 80s in new >> what a beautiful morning down and ocean city. no clouds overhead. great way to start the weekend.
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generally, everybody is going to be in the 80's. >> and that's your latest -- you're getting sleepy, natalie. you're getting sleepy. . >> announcer: "today's" 12 steps to a healthier you is brought to you by walgreens. there's a way to stay ao you by walgreens. there's a way to stay well. thank you, al. this morning on "small steps to a healthier you," reviving those new year's resolutions. remember all those get-fit goals that you set back in january? we're now half-way through the year. if you started to lose some motivati motivation, we've got some strategies to get you back on contribute. dr. peterson, good morning.
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not too late. still have half a year to go. you can get back on the wagon. right? >> absolutely. >> first one is i think a lot of people set the goals that they want to hit the gym every day. first of all, what's wrong with making that your goal? >> i think if you commit to doing anything other than eating or drinking every day, are you setting yourself up for failure. it is just not realistic. >> what should we do? >> commit to four days a week. that gives you three days of wiggle room to build in business meetings and social events and can you maybe get a workout in one of those three days but you have to look at those four days as none negotiable. people look at them as optional. consider it like a lunch date or business meeting and put it in your calendar. at "women's health," we say put specific times and dates and the exercise. monday 7:00 p.m., spin class. wednesday 8:00 a.m., aerobics class. >> those days are necessary off.
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your body needs to recover. >> you need 24 hours for your muscles to repair themselves. >> the next resolution goal that's fizzling, i'm going to weight train more often. i'm one of those people, i'm a cardio aaholic. but that's not true. >> a lot of people have your mind set, they're too cardio focused. they think i've got 30 minutes, i'll burn more calories doing cardio than weight training. but that's not true. if you do circuit training, which is back-to-back exercises without a break, you not only get your heart rate up and burning the same amount of calories if not more, but you're also building muscle so then your metabolism goes up and you are burning more calories at rest than when you're not doing anything. >> worth it to incorporate it. how do we get more into weight training? >> i would recommend -- our website has great suggestions at but basically go from machine to machine. >> circuit training. >> over and over and it gets
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your heart rate up without a break in between. >> next, working out in the morning is a goal i think a lot of people say, "i'm going to set my alarm clock, get up and go." problem is the alarm clock goes off, we hit snooze. how do you really get yourself to get out of bed in the morning and work out? >> so tempted to hit that snooze butt button. not everyone is a morning person -- and that's okay. listen to your body. your muscle strength really peaks in the late afternoon so it is an optimal time to work out later in the day but that's not realistic for everyone. if you want to work out in the morning, how about working out with a friend? ocreate a financial incentive by hiring a trainer or paying for a boot camp class. that way again have you an accountability to show up. >> always hard to cancel when you can't cans it will on the credit card. okay. next thing, lose 10 to 20 pounds. maybe people started off pretty well but have now fallen off
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that. how do they get them back on track? >> if you want a sustainable weight loss you've got to create a plan of action. so it is important, not only to say what you want to do, but how you're going to achieve it. rather than saying i want to lose ten pounds, say, i'm going to take my lunch to work every day and work out four days per week. that way you have an action plan. then monitor it. keep a diary. write it down. again, accountability. >> all right. and folks at home, you have a half a year to work on this. dr. peterson, great tips, as always. coming up next -- anyone say road trip? jenna bush hager heads to glacier national park in our continuing series, "america the beautiful." and a little bit later on, on the road with the royals. we're live in canada where the duke and duchess are dazzling spectators ahead of their cal vis california visit next week. verybody ♪
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back now with our final day of "america the beautiful." she's taken us to the swamps and to texas, and this morning contributing correspondent jenna bush hager gives us perspective on one of the country's most popular parks. jenna, good morning. >> good morning, ann. each year more than 2 million people make the trip north to glacier national park. recently a group of school kids showed me the beauty of this famous place. the crown of the continent where two countries unite above land carved by glaciers. gleaming lakes near storied mountain peaks along the
9:17 am
foothills of the continental divide. glacier became the country's tenth national park more than 100 years ago. a century before that, black feet indians roamed this corner of northwest montana and named their land the backbone of the world. and it's easy to see why. glaciers crest in valleys span over 1 million acres. and on this trip, i explored just a few through the eyes of children. the glacier institute funded solely by donations knows the importance of inspiring our next generation to get off the couch and into the parks. >> right here this tree might be 600, 700 years old. >> reporter: we met the kids for a two-mile hike to avalanche lake. this 12-year-old hasn't traveled much outside his hometown of spokane, washington. what do you think about that tree? he came to glacier with his friends from a children's homer with lives with other underprivileged kids and teens.
9:18 am
with every turn, every step, every glance, the children, many of whom haven't spent much time outside of spokane, were overcome by the beauty of the water, the woods and the wildlife. after a final view of the breathtaking view and crystal clear lake, it made the trek worp worth the work. this 10-year-old, the youngest of the group, lived at the settlement for three years after spending some time in foster care. >> i'm taking pictures and then like bring it home and make it look exactly the same. >> what's your favorite part of glacier national park? >> that. >> reporter: the director of education at the glacier institute. how important is it do you think to get these kids in to national parks? >> mostly just getting them outside, showing them around and showing them that it's a good
9:19 am
time. when we're hiking, when we're teaching, when we're talking about this stuff, you kind of forget everything else and you can get centered and who you are, what's really important. >> reporter: these 15-year-olds agree. >> it feels nice to do something different like have something good in your life, not just like the bad things that have happened in your past. >> there's better things in this world than just a couple pine trees out in your backyard. >> two! three! ♪ >> reporter: when the day ended, the sunset behind the rockies, the kids hope for a brighter future was ignited by the grandeur and spirit of the land. >> when i first came here i didn't think i would learn how to do the compass or know what are mountains on a map. you snow but, you know, just learning that, pretty much proves that you can do anything.
9:20 am
>> there are about 2 glaciers in the park which makes it truly magnificent. but i have to say, ann, the best part was seeing it through the resilient eyes of these amazing kids. >> it's been a great series, jenna. >> it has. thank you. >> for more on the hutton settlement children's home and the glacier institute, visit still to come, miami superstar pitbull rocks our plaza one more time with another performance. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges.
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shy away from people. >> you're really quiet. i wouldn't say shy. >> until that red light comes on! >> we just showed a picture of brian williams, not a mistake. because you stha brithat brian is 1 of the 3 funniest people on earth. >> he's actually now number two because he killed a guy. >> that begs the question. >> well, i don't want to say. >> al roker would be number one. al, i was shocked to learn that you were willard scott's love child. >> i am. >> tell us more about that. >> willard and carmen miranda got together. the rest is history. >> the rest is history. do you get a little more serious. you say even though i lost 140 pounds i still think of myself as fat. >> i really do. i buy these suits and they feel tight, it just drives me nuts. >> you ran marathons. you run also so you can eat pie. >> right. >> i like pie, i hate to run. but i run so i can eat. >> it makes sense. pie and everything else.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> lots of sunshine this morning, low humidity. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. into the 80s today. in some areas, just short of 90 for the high. here is the forecast. pleasant, 84-89.
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♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, conway twitty! no, country superstar blake shelton, fresh off his hit, as a coach on nbc's hit show "the voice" he's going to pick up the mike and join our concert series next friday on "today." yes! country coming to the city. but our party on the plaza
9:31 am
isn't over just yet. miami's own chart-stopping superstar pitbull burned up our summer stage this morning with his hot sound. he's going to be performing one last song to kick off our holiday weekend. >> along with marc anthony, t-pain and ne-yo, yesterday we were talking about we needed a name for savannah. i came up with it. savvy g! yes! from now on, that is your rap name. savvy g. >> that's perfect. now we have blake shelton next week. >> you already got the guthrie going. >> again, just keep it clean. coming up in this half-hour, we've got the royals on the road. william and kate wowed spectators on their first official overseas trip as a married couple. they're going to be heading to the states. next week we're going to be with them on their north american tour every step of the way. we have the latest from canada coming up. plus, there's nothing like
9:32 am
yummy carnival food. chili dogs, cheese steaks, candy apples. now we're talking. we'll get some carnival fare. >> you can't open it up. right? >> madelyn. get that all straightened out. first, jenna wolfe has a preview of what's going on. >> j. wow. >> good morning, everyone. of course we're going to have the latest on the duke and duchess of cambridge and their tour across canada. plus the case against casey anthony. the stadefense has rested its c. plus, a father's mission. a texas man says a british fiance kidnapped his daughter and what it's taking to bring
9:33 am
the child home. made in america. celebrate the fourth of july weekend with us whether you're grilling or going to the beach, we've got some fun ideas to make your independence day more memorable. those stories and more this weekend on "today." >> have a good weekend. you got a check of the weekend forecast for us, holiday forecast. >> that's right. starting off with tomorrow. we've got sunshine up and down the east coast, risk of some strong storms, upper ohio river valley. sunny and mild in the pacific northwest. sizzling in the south. sunday -- sunday -- hit-or-miss showers and thunderstorms in new england. sizzling through the gulf coast. on our july 4th, beautiful weather throughout much of the country. again a few showers, thunderstorms -- >> watch out for fireworks! >> that's right. okay. i'm going to >> what a beautiful morning. plenty of sunshine,, quiet
9:34 am
morning, a pleasant conditions. lots of sunshine, low humidity. >> it's a big weather weekend. get your weather any time of the day on weather channel on cable or all right, hal. thank you so much. coming up next, the royal couple takes canada by storm. we'll go live to ottawa for the latest on will and kate's visit. after this. the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide
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the royal couple is getting rock star welcome there in canada. prince william and princess c catherine arrived in ottawa, the first stop on their nine-day american tour. nbc correspondent ben fogle is with them every step of the way. good morning, ben. >> good morning, natalie. it's already being billed as the most watched royal tour in canada's history. thousands turned out to see this glamorous couple who will one day reign over canada as part of the commonwealth. from the minute the superstar royal couple landed, it was a rush to identify kate's dress. in a polite nod to her host country, the duchess chose a
9:39 am
canadian designer. the couple's first stop -- canada's national war memorial. said to be william and kate's personal request to pay tribute to the country's combat role in afghanistan. >> i'm really excited. yeah. >> reporter: canada rolled out the red carpet for these royals. spectators, young and old, showed up for a glimpse of the glamorous pair. some waiting more than six hours. and kate's fashion influence filled the crowd. how important is she as a fashion icon? >> pretty important. >> pretty important. >> reporter: from fascinators to a tennis dress, and of course there were plenty of flowers for a potential future queen. >> she bent down and chatted with you, didn't she? >> she asked us what's our name. and she said the flowers were very pretty. >> reporter: would you like to look like her when you're grown up? >> yes. >> reporter: william and kate's trip reminded more than a few
9:40 am
here of another royal couple, prince charles and diana visited the country in 1983 just a couple of years after they married. >> i was here covering charles and diana's trip to ottawa and william was just a baby at that time. so for me, it's quite poignant to come here, seeing him now married and representing his country. [ speaking french ] >> reporter: catering to the bilingual country, william spoke in english, and french, to show his dedication to the commonwealth. >> it will improve as we go on. >> reporter: their trip was designed in part to strengthen bond between the monarchy and canadians whose head of state is queen elizabeth. but william and kate are a modern royal couple hoping to live as normal a life as they can. bringing a fresh new look to britain's future monarchy. >> i do believe that the tour of canada and the united states of america is the beginning of a real change for the royal
9:41 am
family. >> reporter: well, it's canada day here. huge crowds have turned out for the festivities hoping to catch a glimpse of william and kate. they've already charmed english speaking canada but their next slightly more significant challenge will be to win over french canada. i've no doubt william and kate have been practicing their french overnight. >> nbc news has produced a dvd of the event, the ceremony, the procession, the highlight, balcony kiss, just head to coming up next, the good, the bad and the best bet when it comes to your favorite carnival food. and then we've got one more hit from pitbull right after these messages. ♪ ♪ i'd do anything for you dear
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this morning on "eat smart today," summer carnival food. whether you're hitting a baseball stadium or county fair this weekend, you may want to stop an think before you grab that chili cheese dog or funnel case. "today's" diet and nutrition editor madelyn berdstrom has the skinny and the fat. good morning. let's start with these main dishes. this philly cheese steak. that's not on the "eat this" list. >> it is not about deprivation. just be mindful. people say how many calories could it be? in this case, a lot. but we can cut the calories in half by just splitting it in two. >> this probably has 10,000 calories? >> the whole thing --
9:46 am
>> just taking a guess. >> 500. that's a wild guess. when you see these things you can indulge smartly. >> chili cheese dog also on the banned list. >> right. share it with someone or just know you're going to have to balance it out with something else later. you're not going to go to an amusement park and say i'm not going to have anything. but make a smarter choice. >> you do have alternative ideas. and i am thrilled -- thrilled -- to see that the hot dog makes the cut. >> hot dog makes the cut. if you get a regular sized hat dog, skip the cheese, skip the chili, 300 calories. >> mustard's okay. >> of course. anything you like of condiments but you don't want like a deep-fried corn dog. >> i have never seen a plain grilled piece of chicken at a carnival. what carnival this? >> you got to go to -- sometimes they're on a long stick. it is a nice thing to walk around with. you can eat anything on a stick, it is a good sign if it is not fried. >> back to the banned list.
9:47 am
some side dishes. fries covered with meat and cheese. not good? >> when you have things coupled with cheese, that's going to be a red flag that, gee, maybe this is something you should limit. not eliminate. when you get chili trees fries or nachos, share them. don't be a hog and say i just want this for myself. two or three people can really work on this as a side dish. >> nachos as well. >> nachos as well. >> but here's some alternatives. corn, plain corn. watermelon. this is really awesome. >> when you look at something like corn, give it a little brush of butter, it is fun to walk around. with watermelon, timing is everything. if you eat some nachos and a hot dog and you're really thirsty, it is really refreshing. it is almost like having a glass of water. sometimes you want some of these things. you're going to go on some rides and you don't want an upset stomach with a really big fat load. >> little sweet tooth satisfied. >> segue to our desserts. funnel cake is a no-no. >> well, here's the thing with
9:48 am
the funnel cake. it is more than half your calories for a day and more than half the fat in just one thing. people go, how many calories could it have? way too much. if you get a funnel cake, this is for four people at least. this is not a one-person -- >> just have a little bite. >> just because it looks like one serving doesn't mean it is. >> i was absolutely shocked to learn the fried candy bar made the list of items not to have. >> gee, what a surprise. >> you shouldn't even have a bite of that. right? >> you really don't want a bite of this. just eat a candy bar. deep frying candy or twinkies or doughnuts or even spaghetti and meatballs -- >> what about oreos? >> oreos the same thing. there's nothing redeemable with a deep fried candy bar. >> these look good. >> cotton candy. there's a lot of air spun into this. 200 calories, you can have a sweet treat. not much more sugar than in a fruited yogurt. you're doing well here. caramel corn because it doesn't have all the butter that is used
9:49 am
with regular popcorn, it is fat-free. >> is that about the portion you want to have of it? >> this is two or three cups, two or three big handfuls. and the candy am, if you've got the teeth for it, if you can get that wrapper open. >> what about drinks? a lot of people get some of these items an then they get a big old sugary soda. >> stick with water or club soda. that's going to be the best. if you're going to get a milkshake or soda, thing like that, share it with someone or downsize. >> madelyn, see you at the fair this weekend. >> and how. >> eating salad. up next, our summer concert with pitbull next. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: toyo"toyota conce series" on "today" brought to you by toyota. still to come on today, red,
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white and blue for adults and kids. enjoy these at your fourth of july party this weekend. hot new looks for two lucky ladies in our crowd. they got picked for an "ambush makeover." first though, here again is superstar pitbull singing his hit song -- enjoy your holloway weekend, everyone. stay safe. [ speaking spa ining spanish ] see you next week. ♪
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> nice morning. plenty of sunshine, big area of high-pressure keep the rain
9:58 am
away. eventually, the storm out west gets a lot closer to us. today and tomorrow, dry weather, and temperatures up to 90 tomorrow. warm, mu
9:59 am

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